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Cure For Hemorrhoids At Home

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Cure For Hemorrhoids At Home cannot be possible without understanding the reasons for their development in the first place. Health is affected by various factors. One has to be very cautious with what he or she feeds on, the places one visits and the way one maintains his or her body. Most diseases are caused by natural changes in climate, contaminated water or food, or either transmission from an affected person. Hemorrhoid is an ailment caused by poor digestive function, but there exists natural treatments, which act as cure for hemorrhoids at home.

Medical research has revealed that this disease affects someone, if the vascular muscles of the anal canal get swollen. Vascular muscles are simply the walls of the anus. They aid in regulating and creating passage of the stool. If the walls become inflamed, then the process of excretion becomes hard and at times impossible.

This disease occurs in two variants. It can be either internal of external hemorrhoids. The main difference between the two ailments is the symptoms associated with the ailment. Internal hemorrhoids occur as painless internal bleeding, while external hemorrhoids lead to pain around the anus.

In order to fight this disease also known as piles, you must have known some of its causes. This infection is mostly caused by pregnancy, lack of exercise, excessive weight, constipation, poor diet, and excessive strain to abdominal muscles. Always consider taking lots of fluids especially water. This helps in reducing the solid content in the stool. This ensures that there is no strain on the anal muscles.

Another very effective cure for hemorrhoids at home is increasing the fiber content in your body. Good fiber sources include whole grains, raw fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, and root vegetables turnips, and onions. Furthermore, dried fruits like figs, apricots or prunes raisins, may also be helpful. Moreover, ensure that you take large amounts of vegetables and fats. This will help a lot in softening of the stool, plus adding the vitamin content.

The third remedy involves how to control the pain caused by piles. Always use a moist tissue while in the bathing. This will bring down the swelling helping keep the body part clean. Consider purchasing light baby towels and soft pads to do your cleaning. After taking the bath, apply petroleum jelly around the affected areas.

In addition, consider taking a lot of rest. However, always try to lie down on your stomach, or even your side instead of your back. This will help take some pressure off the affected area and it hastens the healing process at night. Consider wearing cotton made loose-fitting underwear. This will help reduce both excess moisture and pressure. In addition, sitting on a pillow could be helpful when you want to sit for a long duration.

In general, natural treatments as cure for hemorrhoids at home are; eating a healthy diet which, is rich in fiber and also drinking enough fluids. This will help to avoid constipation, which is one of the main causes. Doing exercise will also help in increasing blood flow and in minimizing extra weight. Lifting of anything heavy should be avoided, because this will strain inflamed tissues. However, the best safety measure is that you make sure that you never get piles in the first place.



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