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Getting Rid of Hemroids

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Getting rid of hemroids is usually a process that one can do alone. The hemorrhoids are very uncomfortable, annoying and embarrassing. They are very common but luckily they are not a health concern. They can either be internal or external. The internal hemorrhoids are painless and they do not itch. They form inside the rectum and hence cannot be felt.

However external hemorrhoids cause much pain, burning and itching. If you think or suspect that you have hemorrhoids, then you should look out for symptoms like rectal bleeding and tenderness, itching, painful bowels, a lump or a small protrusion of tissues from the anus and a discharge of mucus when the bowels move.

When hemorrhoid irritation occurs, the tissues react by burning, becoming sore, itching or even bleeding. This happens due to many reasons like excessive pressure in the anal or rectal veins resulting to straining when the bowels are moving. This straining places pressure on the rectum, enlarging the blood and hence causes the swelling.

The blood then bulge the walls of the veins. The hemorrhoids form and they are now difficult to get rid of and it will usually take little straining for them to appear again. They can be formed easily through heavy lifting, obesity, pregnancy, over eating and even inadequate exercise.

If you indeed confirm that you are suffering from hemorrhoids, medical treatment is required. A clot may form and it becomes very painful. If an infection develops, there may be excessive loss of blood. Treatment will help to get eliminate the possibility of cancer of the colon or rectum. Prevention is always better than cure. There are things that you should do in order to get rid of hemroids.

To relief yourself from the burning and itching, you should insert frozen probes or ice packs into the anus. This is a temporary relief from the burning and itching and it also reduces the swelling. Getting rid of hemroids, one should also use a warm bath. This is where you fill the tub with warm water and then you sit down for fifteen minutes immediately after any bowel movement. It reduces the swelling and the itchy feeling that one gets after the bowel movement.

Also remember never to scratch yourself. It may provide temporary reprieve but the walls of the veins can be damaged and cause more problems. Also use pads that are soaked with witch hazel can provide relief from itching and burning. Another method of getting better is eating lots of fruits. Those with outer skins like pears, apples and peaches. They help in adding moisture to the stool.

To reduce the straining, you should incorporate diets with fibers which softens the stool making the passage of stool easier and hence no pains. The fiber holds water to keep the stool soft and move the stool through the colon. Water is also an essential component. It is advised that one should drink eight cups of water. It moistens the stool for easy passage. You should also walk a lot. This helps in avoiding pressure from the rectum.

Getting rid of hemroids lies in using the easy and safe method of curing hemorrhoids in 48 hours by using natural and proven method.






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