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Hemorrhoid Treatment Home Remedies

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Hemorrhoid Treatment Home Remedies For Relief Of Discomfort. Hemorrhoids, more commonly known as piles, is a painful condition which can cause considerable discomfort including swelling and inflammation in the veins of the anus. Hemorrhoids can occur both internally and externally of the rectum and is often caused by constipation. A number of non-medical options are available to those suffering from the associated symptoms of piles and includes hemorrhoid treatment home remedies.

To relieve the irritation and swelling of piles, one can use petroleum jelly which works just as well as expensive creams. Simply apply the jelly to the specific area for ease of irritation. Warm water is known to relax the sphincter muscle and a great remedy is to bath in Epsom salts or simply relax in a small amount of warm water for 15 minutes on a daily basis.

The major cause of this condition is often attributed to a diet low in fiber. Increased consumption of food containing dietary fiber can drastically reduce the pain and bleeding associated with straining. This includes eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains but it is also important to drink large amounts of water for relief.

Flax-seeds and Psyllium seeds are also high in fiber and contribute to easing the passing of stool. These supplements are readily available and are an inexpensive, natural option. To improve the strength of the blood vessel walls and reduce inflammation, bioflavonoids are plant compounds which assist in this process.

Often a cold compress or Witch Hazel compress can be created to relieve the uncomfortable symptom of burning in this area. Simply apply the compress topically in the target area. Witch Hazel is a herbal remedy believed to reduce the discomfort, itching and pain associated with piles.

Natural ointments consisting of calendula or chamomile are also used in topical application or compress for the relief of discomfort. Zinc Oxide Paste has also been known to decrease swelling and irritation. A small amount can be added to a cotton swab and then dabbed onto the relative area for relief.

Butchers Broom is another natural remedy containing anti-inflammatory properties used for decreasing swelling and improving the tissue. The benefit of this herbal remedy is that it can be ingested as a tea and used as a cold compress for the relief of discomfort. Its third use is in its application as a topical ointment.

Another herbal remedy is that of Horse Chestnut which has been known to reduce inflammation and decrease the swelling in the area. The uses of Horse Chestnut include topical application as a cream or compress or preparation as a tea. Those who have particular allergies to this product should not use it in relieving the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

It is best to incorporate a healthy diet including a fair amount of fiber and exercise for a natural approach to reducing symptoms of discomfort. This will prevent the occurrence of straining which often leads to the development of piles. The hemorrhoid treatment home remedies can assist in providing individuals with significant relief of experienced discomfort.



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