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Treatments of External Hemorrhoids

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Treatment of external hemorrhoids naturally is needed to get rid of this type of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids also known as piles are swollen, pressured, damaged and painful veins that are found near the rectum. They affect both men and women and are more common than believed. There is a stigma of uncleanliness associated with them that makes people who have them suffer in silence but treatment of external hemorrhoids piles can be done naturally.

There are two types of piles depending on where they are situated. Internal hemorrhoids are found at the end of the large intestine and are caused by pressure on the internal veins near the rectum opening. External piles are found around the outside the rectum and are caused by the swelling of the veins on the outside of the anus.

External piles are common in older people, the obese and pregnant women. The elderly are most prone to indigestion making it painful to make bowel movements which in turn puts pressure on the intestines. Pregnant women develop them because the weight of the baby pushes on the rectal veins forming a bulge that hangs outside the rectum area. These piles are also bothersome for the obese as the excess weight exerted on the rectum is enough to cause vein swelling in the rectum. This kind of piles needs treatment of external hemorrhoids.

Some of the symptoms of swollen veins include bleeding, itching, and pain during bowel movements. When one ruptures the swollen piles, they can be very painful and can create an infection around the affected area. A visit to the doctor will include questions from the doctor on eating habits, age and blood tests. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis on these irritations bleeding because it could be from colon cancer.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids is possible naturally. One of the best ways to counter them is to ensure adequate intake of fiber in food. These sources include brown rice, beans, popcorn etc. Prolonged sitting is not advised and if one is required to be seated for a long duration of time, they should use a cushion to relieve pressure from the external hemorrhoids. Eight glasses of water are recommended for a clean digestive system.

When deciding what to wear, one has to make sure the clothes are comfortable and not tight as these can put pressure on the external veins. Ice packs or a warm bath are also natural and effective ways of relieving them at home.

A plant known as Butcher Broom is also effective in treating them, the extracts of the plant are said to tone and shrink the piles. It can be put in tea or can be taken in tablet form but this treatment is not recommended for pregnant women or people who have high blood pressure. Also, the plant Hamamelis is a great pain reliever and also stops the itching immediately upon application. Horse chestnut is a herb that can help poor circulation in the blood vessels.

In general, hemorrhoids can be prevented through eating the right foods and exercising adequately. Before rushing to the doctor at the first sign of discomfort, one should look at natural ways to cure them. Thus, treatment of external hemorrhoids naturally is the best solution as cure method.

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