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How To Cure A Hemroid

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How to cure a hemroid easily and naturally must be desperately looking for by hemorrhoids sufferer. Official named hemorrhoidal plexuses, hemroids are large and dilated veins that can be found around the anus. These veins, which are similar to varicose veins, are stretchy and become large when filled with blood. Unfortunately, when these veins become too large, they can be extremely painful, making it unpleasant to do a number of daily tasks, including sitting and going to the toilet. The good news for those suffering is that studies have shown that up to 95% of cases can be cured naturally without the use of medication. The following information covers how to cure a hemroid using non-medical, natural treatments.

One of the easiest ways to cure hemroid is simply changing your diet. Adding extra fiber to your diet and drinking a lot of water has been shown to prevent constipation, making going to the toilet easier. Drinking apple juice and eating yogurt may also help.

Foods that are known to make symptoms worse include nuts, coffee, alcohol and foods that contain a lot of spices such as curries. If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, it is best to avoid these foods, and also pay close attention to your body to see if any other types of food are making the condition worse.

By learning how to cure a hemroid, there is a tip that one of the most important things if you are suffering from pain, is to try and reduce the swelling. This is because the pain is caused by the swelling. A good way to do this is to apply ice to the affected area for at least 10 minutes. Next, apply a warm, moist towel or flannel for 20 minutes. Witch hazel is also thought to be a good natural remedy, and sufferers may want to try soaking a cotton pad in witch hazel and applying it to the affected area for between 20-30 minutes.

The painful veins can also be made worse if the area is moist, so it is best to try to keep the area as dry as possible. Many sufferers wear cotton undergarments, which helps to absorb moisture caused by sweating.

Avoid sitting or standing on one spot as much as possible, as this will cause the pressure to build once more. Instead, move around as much as possible. Sufferers who have a job that requires them to sit for long periods of time should try to shift their sitting position regularly, putting pressure on one buttock at a time for a few minutes. There are also special cushions known as donuts that can help to relieve the pressure when sitting.

People who suffer from particularly bad symptoms are often advised to rest as much as possible. Bed rest is recommended, as this allows the affected area plenty of time to heal naturally and for the swelling to go down. In many cases, although it may take several days or even weeks, the swelling will go down all by itself.

However, it will take much longer for the swelling to go down if care is not taken, especially when going to the toilet and when washing the affected area. Instead of rubbing or wiping the area, carefully cleanse by patting with unscented baby wipes. Avoid using soap and body wash that contains dyes and perfumes. These tips are helpful in learning how to cure a hemroid.




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