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How To Relieve Hemorrhoids

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Tips On How To Relieve Hemorrhoids Using Natural Methods. Hemorrhoids is a painful condition which causes relative discomfort, pain and irritation as a result of inflammation and swelling in the rectum. This is often caused by strain during periods of constipation and can occur inside, outside and around the anus. How to relieve hemorrhoids involves a number of natural remedies for your overall well-being.

It is more commonly known as piles and causes the veins in the anus to become swollen and inflamed. Symptoms often consist of pain, itching, burning and visible blood on toilet paper and the stool. It is always important to consult with a health professional in order to determine whether hemorrhoids are present and not a more serious medical issue.

Piles are most often a result of the stress and strain placed on the bowel that is related to constipation. With increased pressure and straining the veins begin to protrude, bleed and result in considerable pain. A number of natural remedies can be applied to relieve the discomfort that is experienced however ongoing symptoms that increase in severity should be checked out by a physician.

Relaxing in warm water has been proven to relax the sphincter muscle. This is why it is best advised to prepare a warm water bath with the option of adding Epsom salts and simply sit within a small amount of water everyday for 15minutes. This easy remedy can be implemented at home to provide quick relief.

The most effective way to relieve piles and prevent future occurrences of this condition is to consume more fiber. Large amounts of fiber can be found in fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains with increases in the amount of water ingested to ease bowel movement. There is a noticeable reduction in bleeding and discomfort over time.

Flax-seeds are a major source of fiber to be incorporated within the diet to assist in digestion. There are many options for decreasing inflammation and irritation that are associated with piles. This includes the use of bioflavonoids which consists of plant compounds in reducing the discomfort of associated symptoms, with the most popular flavonoids often found in citrus fruits.

Many individuals experience the irritation of burning and itching in and around the anal area. A great home remedy is to apply petroleum jelly by means of a cotton swab for a topical option. It is most effective in relieving the pain and swelling that is the result of this condition.

A great natural way to decrease discomfort from piles is to use the herbal remedy that is Witch Hazel. Through the use of the herb in liquid or ointment form, a cold compress can be created and applied to the target area to ease pain, itching and burning that could be experienced. This remedy cannot be ingested but rather applied topically.

The best quality natural remedies for relieving the range of symptoms that are associated with hemorrhoids include increasing the consumption of dietary fiber, water and daily exercise. These methods on how to relieve hemorrhoids will further assist in preventing its re-occurrence and in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Should the intensity and duration of symptoms persist, it is best to seek the advice of a medical professional.



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