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How To Heal Hemorrhoids

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How to heal hemorrhoids with home remedies. According to statistics, every second person has great chances to suffer from hemorrhoids (They are also known as “piles”). This can happen for a variety of different reasons. But no one is particularly excited about the prospective to deal with such a disease. At the same time, one should not fall into despair, if he finds out that he has the hemorrhoids, because there are numbers of natural ways how to heal hemorrhoids.

Before dealing with this unpleasant disease, one should know, at least in general terms, what type of illness it is and why it is dangerous. Hemorrhoids are swollen and enlarged veins and tissues, which are located in the area of lower rectum and anus. They increase in size because of higher pressure in rectal veins. This occurs when the tissues are weakened and not supported by the sustaining structures any more.

Students, young people, who have sedentary lifestyle, pregnant women and people, who had diarrhea or anal infection, are most likely to have hemorrhoids problems. But even if you are not one of them, remember that the disease can develop itself, so you should know what to do in any case.

How to heal hemorrhoids with home remedies, there are some useful methods, which can help to alleviate the pain, heal or prevent this disease. For example, one should take care about his diet. The increased number of vegetables, fruits and beans can drastically reduce the chances to be sick. This occurs because all these products contain a lot of fiber. This decreases the number of constipations and, therefore, keeps the pressure on rectum lower and stimulates regular bowel movements.

Food high in Potassium (K) will be very beneficial for you. For example, strawberries, cauliflower, spinach, tuna, bananas and potatoes could be consumed in order to stabilize the mineral balance.

Another possible way of coping with piles is sitting in a Sitz baths. It is possible to buy one at the drugstore or simply use the large basin. (The advantage of the device from the drugstore is that it fits into toilet bowl, and the baths constantly keeps the water warm by adding some hotter one. The overflow goes into toilet.) It is easy to use the Sitz baths. Just fill it with warm water, so that water covers your buttocks and hips. After this, you should sit in it for 15-20 minutes. In the end, get out of the baths and dry the skin with clean soft towel. (Do not rub too intensely though.) Doing this procedure three times a day will alleviate the pain and decrease the inflammation.

The next advice is to ensure that you do not irritate your skin too much. You can speed up the healing process, if you wear loose clothing and underwear. In addition, consider changing your lifestyle. For instance, different physical exercises may be helpful. Also, try to spend less time sitting at the desk. This will also decrease the pressure in the anal area.

But one should also remember that it is always better to consult the doctor before starting to heal something. This is required in order to check the validity of the diagnosis. This is necessary because sometimes a wrong diagnosis may lead to the fatal end. This step can lead us to the best way to cure or how to heal hemorrhoids effectively.

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