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How To Prevent Hemorrhoids

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How to prevent hemorrhoids. Here are several tips that can show you how to prevent hemorrhoids. Before knowing how to prevent hemorrhoids, it is very useful to understand about hemorrhoids and know its symptoms. To start with, you will get pain with every basic activity. Practically, you will be unable to sit. Toilet becomes a taboo. Blood leakage can lead to stains and smells. Itching and severe irritation in your anus, including the anus canal can be accompanying you all the time. Finally, even sex causes pain.

Since it causes so much suffering and pain, it is better to prevent instead of attempting a cure. The first prevention is avoiding constipation. It is always better to relieve yourself within 30 minutes of feeling the urge. Denying this basic requirement to your body, leads to dry stools, and this is the basic cause of constipation. Dry stools can even cause the walls of the anal canal to be damaged.

Drinking eight glasses of water, minimum, a day can soften your stools and enable easy bowel movement. Obese people need to drink more. At the same time, there are certain types of drinks that need to be completely avoided, such as caffeine containing drinks, most of the soda pops, diet colas and excessive alcohol.

How to prevent hemorrhoids will concern food as well. Foods that are high in fiber are highly recommended. Fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains can help the body to evacuate properly. Again, regular schedules must be maintained as well. This is also related to keeping the stools soft.

A good digestive system can keep the body in total control. Walking, for at least 20 minutes, is a good idea. Exercising regularly can stimulate your body parts to work better, and help in keeping a healthy digestive system. Sitting for a long time must be avoided. Taking a break every 45 minutes for a short walk can be quite useful.

The most important thing to do is not holding back your stool for a long time. As soon as the urge comes, one must relieve himself, since holding it back for a long time could dry the stool, and lead to constipation. The anal area needs to be kept clean all the time. If proper cleanliness is not maintained, the rectal tissues become irritated. This could also happen from harsh wiping of the anal area with dry tissue paper. Undergarments need to be changed regularly as well. Loose and clean cotton undergarments are much better.

Another factor that needs attention is lifting of heavy objects. When heavy objects are lifted, muscles, tissues and veins of the rectal wall become strained. The strain can bulge, and swell them. Body weight needs to be maintained properly as well. Obesity is quite harmful as the excessive weight can put pressure on tissues and veins. The same happens as an obese person strains while defecating.

Finally, what promises to be useful in hemorrhoid prevention is the Kegel exercise, which is contracting and relaxing the muscles of the pelvic floor. Prevention is surely better than cure and how to prevent hemorrhoids is not a mystery anymore, as long as you take these preventive steps.

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