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Symptoms Of A Hemroid

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Symptoms of a hemroid must be known in order we can apply effective treatment to get rid of it. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins that are located in the anus or lower portion of the rectum. This problem can be very painful. Symptoms of a hemroid include itching, aches or pains, especially while sitting, brightly colored blood on stool, toilet tissue or in the toilet bowl, painful bowel movements and hard tender lumps near the anus.

Hemorrhoids are a common side effect of pregnancy and are often found after childbirth. The additional pressures on the anal veins cause them. As the veins expand and bulge, they result in pain, especially when the sufferer attempts to sit or sits for long periods.

One of the most common causes of hemorrhoids is excessive straining when having a bowel movement. Persons that are constipated, those that must sit for long periods or individuals with anal infections may develop hemorrhoids. They are also sometimes causes by disease, including cirrhosis of the liver.

Besides identifying the Symptoms of a hemroid, Hemorrhoids itself has two types: internal or external. The external structures occur at the opening of the anus and they may hang outside. Internal hemorrhoids are located inside the anus at the rectum’s beginning.

There are many non medical remedies for hemorrhoids that can help to shrink the tissues and stop the pain. Many people find these remedies are less expensive and more appealing than surgery. If one does not work then try the next natural treatment.

Witch hazel is a natural astringent that can provide cooling and cleansing of the affected area. Saturate a dry beauty wipe or clean coffee filter with the solution for cleansing. A clean wipe saturated in the solution can be left in place to provide prolonged relief. Another possible cleanser that can help to shrink swollen tissues is apple cider vinegar.

Ice can help to shrink the swollen tissue. For external hemorrhoids, an ice pack can be used. For an internal problem, consider a special tube like device that can be frozen. The frozen tube is inserted in the anus to shrink the swelling.

A single clove of garlic can be pealed and pricked with a knife. The garlic clove is then inserted into the anus for relief. The garlic juice can ease the pain while also shrinking the tissue.

It is important that persons suffering from hemorrhoids remain hydrated and avoid constipation. This means drinking a full eight glasses of water each day. The sufferer may want to take a natural fiber such as psyllium or a stool softener. After each bowel movement, use a moist baby wipe for cleansing and dry with toilet paper if necessary.

If there is excessive bleeding or the hemorrhoid does not get better with these treatments, the person should see his or her doctor. The doctor may offer prescription medication that can help shrink the tissue more effectively than these home remedies. In addition, in some cases, the best solution to the problem is surgery.

When bothered by the symptoms of a hemroid, there are some natural treatments that sometimes help to reduce the pain. Many people find these remedies to be as effective as the medications that are sold over the counter.



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