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What Cures Hemorrhoids

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What Cures Hemorrhoids naturally has become important option to cure hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids or piles is a condition characterized by swelling of the veins around the anus accompanied by inflammation, burning sensation and bloody stools. In cases of severe piles, surgery will be required to provide a cure. Unknowingly, most people spend so much in buying creams or over the counter medicine while they can use natural remedies in finding what cures hemorrhoids.

However, you should note that most of the common causes of this condition are constipation, pregnancy, poor diet, overweight, lack of exercise and straining of the abdominal muscles. You should also note that some piles last for a short time usually from three to seven days. However, before attending to this condition, it would be better to highlight some of the natural remedies available.

The first way you can use to cure this condition is by consuming food high on fiber such as grains and vegetables. This is because having a lot of fiber softens the stool thereby reducing strain. Preferably, you can use psyllium, which is a powdered fiber since it is cheap and easily available. Nevertheless, it is advisable that one drinks a lot of water to avoid further constipation.

Another herbal remedy is witch hazel cream which is made from leaves and barks of a plant named hamamelis virginiana. You should also note that it is only applied topically on the anal area in form of ointment, witch hazel medicated pads and distilled liquid. This remedy is preferable as it is thought to relieve itching, pain, swelling and reduces bleeding by acting like an astringent.

You can also use butcher’s broom method which is generally applied if there is poor circulation within the varicose veins. This treatment is usually best taken in tea or capsule form but is bitter in taste though it can be made sweet using honey. Moreover, it has proved effective when used as an ointment. However, people suffering from high blood pressure or pregnant women are advised against using this remedy unless under doctors recommendation.

Another natural treatment commonly recommended for poor circulation within the veins is the horse chestnut method. Moreover, it relieves symptoms like inflammation and swelling as well as strengthening the blood vessel walls. It could also be taken in form of tea or capsules or can be applied externally. However, caution should be exercised in using this herbal medicine especially to people with horse chestnut allergies. In addition, damage of the liver or kidney, severe bleeding and bruising can be some of its side effects.

With these treatment methods in mind, it is also important to note that proper procedures should be followed in administering the herbs. Remember that it is useless to have a remedy that will prove worthless just because it was not properly used. Besides, you will not want to make matters worse by applying a remedy that is not prescribed for a particular condition.

In conclusion, to avoid uncomfortable nights and long days use these natural herbs in finding what cures hemorrhoids. This will ensure that you avoid spending a lot in case a condition has become worse than it was before. In addition, if you want to maintain a healthy body you should not worry about the cost, because using these natural methods is a worthwhile venture.



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