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What To Do For Hemorrhoids

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What to do for hemorrhoids has been exploring by many people on alternative methods of home treatment of hemorrhoids. Nowadays there are many modern medicines and surgeries that doctors desire experimenting on their patients even though they real cure. The medicines given simply suppress the hemorrhoids symptoms, mostly the pain of thrombosed external hemorrhoids. This however helps the patients to carry on with their day to day activities as long as the medicines effect lasts. If you happen to be one of those wondering what to do for hemorrhoids consider the following natural ways;

First thing to do on a natural treatment is to add more fiber in your diet. Some foods like oat bran, beans, fresh fruit, and wheat are perfect ways to get all the fiber that you may need. So as to avoid bloating and gas in case of an increased fiber intake, consume the foods gradually.

Also natural foods and supplements like Psyllium seeds, Witch Hazel liquid, Horse Chestnuts, Cranberry Juice, Aloe Vera, and Ginkgo Biloba help a lot in curbing the disease. The Psyllium seeds when taken along with one glass of water will supplement you with fiber. Horse Chestnuts have a natural anti-inflammatory and also astringent property which helps in toning the veins in the body.

Taking Witch-Hazel liquid provides a natural astringent that helps to reduce swelling and inflammation on the skin. Aloe Vera is important in reducing the bleeding and pain if applied directly on the affected area. Cranberry Juice and Ginkgo Biloba supplements assist in treating internal hemorrhoids by improving easy movement of the bowel while preventing constipation and improving blood circulation in the affected areas to speed up healing.

What to do for hemorrhoids included using hemorrhoid ointments is another solution that mostly helps in relieving some of the pain, itching and burning caused by the disease. Most of these ointments come along with an anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits for the patients.

Some of the ointments are found over the counter while others may be prescribed by a doctor. The ones prescribed have stronger strength. It is also good to consult a pharmacist on ointments for pregnancy cases or when on a variety of medicines.

Also when on a diet try to avoid citrus juice, soft drinks that are aerated, sodas, alcohol and wines. This is because they increase the acid level, hence irritating the area further. Do not lift heavy loads but if it is that necessary, do it by inhaling large volumes of air and then exhaling slowly through your nostril squeezing your abdomen muscles as you do the job slowly and steadily. You can use warm baths to help improving blood circulation.

Since medicines only provide just a relief from the discomfort of the disease, it is quite hard to overcome the menace that keeps on triggering the disease. So if you one of those wondering what to do for hemorrhoids, this ideas have been tested to work and will also continue for some time. As long as the treatment is done and followed correctly, there ought to be no issue associated with this natural treatment method.



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